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Peter B creates Custom, Hand-coded Websites. MODX can meet all of your website and business needs.

Feel Good

My brand is making people feel good about themselves. I focus on communicating in a way that helps people listen.

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Check out my Print Portfolio here. It includes work for Former President Ford, Patagonia, and Wild Oats back in its wild days of opening a new store every 2 weeks.



MODX + Foxy works for any type of business and sales of hundreds of millions.


MODX Websites

I love MODX because it totally engages my analytical problem-solving gifts.

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Digital Abstract Art

I create original colorful abstracts for high quality print on metal or for NFTs.

Digital Abstract Art

How Beliefs Work

The best expression of my analytical gifts.

How Beliefs Work

What My
Clients Say
About Me:

"Thank you for creating the Windsor Dairy Learning Center!"

Arden and Meg
Arden & Meg
Windsor Dairy

"Thank you for all your time on this–I really appreciate it!"

Jan Emming
Jan Emming

"You saved me from a clusterf*cking mess!"

Tim Brod
Tim Brod
Highland Bees

About Peter B, Inc.

I started my business in 2012 to help businesses with eCommerce websites. With many platforms to choose from, it’s easy to lose sight of the one thing that makes eCommerce sing: the shopping cart!

Peter Bockenthien got his degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder and Colorado Springs

Out-performing MBA students in my last semester was fulfilling and prophetic. My analytical gifts continue to serve my clients.