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We develop solutions to each client’s challenges through a thorough understanding of their cultural, market, and political environments using our integrated Organizational Intelligence Decision Model. MODX makes problem-solving easy.

Your website has reached the end of its usefulness within a month of publishing it on a popular CMS.

  • WordPress: a semi-truck containing explosives, food, water, and pallets of snacks barreling down a mountain pass without brakes.
  • Drupal: A vertical learning curve for flat results.
  • Joomla: Swahili for ‘what does it even mean?’
  • Wix: A closet that Marie Kondo can't organize.
  • SquareSpace: Isn‘t a sacred geometric shape.

What each of them lack is a way to connect all of your organization's human, physical, and digital resources in one powerful, superfast future-proof system.

Enter MODX

MODX is unlike any other platform available due to its unique, built-in intelligence that makes managing all your resources easy and effective, enabling your organization to focus on achieving its objectives.

MODX + Peter B, Inc

Our proprietary Organizational Intelligence Decision Model creates a custom decision making model that is delightful and insightful for the entire team, or just you. We think of it as the Corporate Enneagram.

We use this model to seamlessly transition your website from its current iteration to an Operations Management Framework customized specifically for your organization.

Interested? Contact Peter B, Inc. to arrange for a demo.

Our proprietary Organizational Intelligence Decision Model creates a custom decision making model that is delightful and insightful for the entire team, or just you.

Peter developed the model via MBA-level Marketing classes, LA's Book Shop, and a modified Pros and Cons matrix that really gets to the heart of the various issues your organization is facing.

We use that model to refine how your public-facing resources (website) interacts with your internal resources to create various Objectives, Target, Strategy and Execution.

Sounds totally complicated, right? Nope, it isn't. What it does is gets you and your organization thinking about how it operates versus how it wants to operate. We translate that into the back-end of MODX to create your organization's Operational Management Framework.

That framework helps your organization communicate in powerful, thought-provoking ways. We're always excited about this phase of our relationship because it leaves a powerful, positive lasting impression that guides our collective efforts.


Your MODX Operations Framework is extremely flexible to meet ever-changing business, cultural, and political environments.

The result is Human-Centered Intelligence, a powerful antidote to artificial intelligence as created by database marketing. For this reason we don't put our proprietary model online.

Clients love the results of using Peter B's Organizational Intelligence. It’s the best way to get your website to do what you want it to do.

"Thank you for creating the Windsor Dairy Learning Center!"

Arden & Meg

Arden & Meg

Windsor Dairy

It's not an understatement to say that without your assistance on my web activities to help make sales, that my life would not closely resemble what it currently does.

Jan Emming

Jan Emming

Destination: Forever Ranch & Gardens

"You saved me from a clusterf*cking mess!"

Tim Brod

"Peter is the most abled `disabled` person I've ever met."

Peter Schick

Peter Schick

Creative Schick, Inc.

"Peter's creative concepts brought me more clients."

Jen Anderson
Jennifer Anderson, PT
Sagewood Physical Therapy

Whether you're a small business just starting out, or a large corporation transitioning into a future-proof Content Management Framework, Peter B., Inc. creates bespoke Organizational Intelligence Solutions.

Peter Bockenthien
Peter Bockenthien
Developer, Peter B, Inc.