About Peter B, Inc.

30+ years experience using my analytical gifts to develop high quality research, contribute to the success of start-ups and existing businesses, developing strategies that adhere to or create new brand standards, resulting in a wide variety of marketing materials for multiple sales channels.

My core, perpetual, omnipresent, inviolable experience is my analytical gift. Since I was 7 years old I have never been without this gift running in the background, foreground, past, present, and future. It has enabled me to develop high quality research.

I've successfully employed my analytical gift in creating authentic marketing intelligence for others. It's never what you communicate, it's always how you communicate. People always remember how you make them feel. Your every interaction leaves a lasting impression.

Peter Bockenthien got his degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder and Colorado Springs


Out-performing MBA students in my last semester was fulfilling and prophetic. My analytical gifts continue to serve my clients.