About Peter B.

I'm a creative who does extremely well at things I've never done before. I use my down-to-earth analytical gifts to reveal overlooked opportunities and create their attendant strategies and execution. My brand is making people feel good about themselves. I’m hearing impaired. I learned a long time ago that hearing and listening are mutually exclusive, so I focus on communicating in a way that helps people listen.

People always remember how you made them feel.

Career Path

My career began with my last college thesis regarding the effects of globalism engulfing the Auto industry, earning the highest marks in Dr. Hinkle's Bus. Ad. 900 class. It gave me confidence in myself and planted the seeds of my future.

Upon graduating, my first job was installing art collectibles for the wealthy and corporations in So. California. That directly led to my second job: working for The Food Distribution Center (FDC), a Food Bank in Orange County, California. I wrote, designed and produced a fund raising brochure using an Apple computer and QuarkXPress. The FDC Board, a Who's Who of Orange County's business elite, approved it. Result: a drive-in refrigerator and and freezer to serve Orange County's at-risk population.

My boss said, "...that Apple computer is nothing more than a glorified typewriter". We still laugh about that comment.

From there I jumped at graphic/production design opportunities over the next 11 years, transitioning to Copywriting, and Strategy Development, and then along came the internet. I dove into website development using various blog and CMS platforms.

Over the course of my career, the one constant has been research: reading, analyzing, and creating. Regardless of whether it's showing my creative colleagues new ways to solve design and production issues, or analyzing website code, I practice my research and writing gifts every day.

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"Peter is the most abled `disabled` person I've ever met." ~ Peter Schick
"Peter's creative concepts brought me more clients." ~ Jennifer Anderson, PT
"You saved me from a clusterf__cking mess of stress." ~ Tim Brod


I am enABLEd: Always Be LEarning!

I respond to challenges like it's no one else's business. It's not, it's mine, and I do my very best.

I'm all about doing my best because I'm not the guy who shows up to have a job.

I've been rock climbing and mountain biking since I was a kid. I'm still here.
I've been trail running since college. Still doing that.
I started yoga at age 40. Still limber and strong.
I' started mountain biking at age 55. I coached for Columbine High School Mountain Bike Team.'m still coaching climbing and mountain biking.