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Creative, lifelong learner

I am a creative and lifelong learner. During my junior year of college, just weeks before my 21st birthday, I experienced a traumatic medical event that resulted in my hearing loss and necessitated relearning how to walk, talk, and read again. At that point I was emancipated from my family and faced the challenge of figuring it on my own.

I focused on regaining all of my motor abilities, then I resumed college, getting my BS-Marketing degree before heading to California.

By day I worked and learned new skills. Early on I discovered that I do extremely well at things that I've never done before, and I love collaborating with others. #Teamwork!

By night I learned how to take care of my gut via “Prescription for Nutritional Healing”, relearned how to rock climb, trail run, and competed in triathlons. I got my butt kicked, and my face kicked, too, but I was alive and learning every step of the way.

What I had to overcome couldn’t have happened to a person better-suited to rise to the challenges.

I’ve taught myself everything I know. I’ve put my reputation and life on the line. I back up everything I say and do. I thrive on challenges and I love learning new things.

I'm best suited for complex, multi-layered challenges. I translate challenges into strategy, concepts, marketing, and websites.

All of my websites are built on MODX because it totally engages my analytical problem-solving gifts  allowing us both the creative freedom to build your vision. I love using Foxy for e-commerce for its flexibility and integration with modern web platforms.

We, not me. I thrive on challenges. I live for them actually, so please contact me and tell the challenge that you are facing and the outcomes that you expect. Put my creative problem-solving gifts to work!

Thank you!

I build and maintain Relationships.

“Thank you for creating the Windsor Dairy Learning Center!”

Arden & Meg

Arden & Meg

Windsor Dairy

“It's not an understatement to say that without your assistance on my web activities to help make sales, that my life would not closely resemble what it currently does.”

Jan Emming

Jan Emming

Destination: Forever Ranch & Gardens

“You saved me from a clusterf*cking mess!

Tim Brod

“Peter is one of the most creative problem solvers I've ever met.”

Peter Schick

Peter Schick

Creative Schick, Inc.

“Peter's creative concepts brought me more clients.”

Jen Anderson
Jennifer Anderson, PT
Sagewood Physical Therapy

Peter B. Creates future-proof systems to meet the challenges unique to your business.

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