Domain Administration, Foxy, MODX

Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

"OMG, I'm so intimidated by technology!"

"I have no idea what any of this means!"

"Ugh! Sorry to be confused!"

Web technology doesn't work the way you think it works.

My professional experience focuses on:

  1. MODX Front End Website Development
  2. eCommerce Implementation
  3. Domain Administration

But number 3 first. I consistently run into Domain Administration issues. I recently spent 52 hours over the course of 3 weeks dealing with a persistent domain issue at the Registrar level. Here's what you need to know.

Get Your Shit Together

Domain Administration is purely administrative. If you've got a bank account you can administer your own domain. Don't overcomplicate it, don't get emotional about it, simplify it. I will always treat you with kindness and compassion if you freak out over this, but I expect payment for my know how.

Here are my Pro Tips. If you follow these you will never have an issue. If you don't my bill could exceed several thousands of dollars and weeks of work. I'm saving us both time and energy that's better spent selling your products and getting your message out.

Pro Tips

  1. Make NameCheap your Registrar. I always have issues with GoDaddy. It doesn't like it when I login with other people's credentials to make DNS changes. This has been going on for 10+ years now.
  2. True story: a client made a rural email provider - which uses a highly insecure email server that I Host Providers still use - for all of his Domain contacts. There are four (4):

    1. Registrant
    2. Administrator
    3. Technical
    4. Billing

    When changes to the domain were made, the confirmation emails never arrived at the rural provider's server. I was given the password after requesting it for 2 weeks. That's how I found out. The client simply didn't know the significance of my request due to arrogance and hubris. How could something so small have such a large impact?

    For individuals and small businesses: make each Contact type the same person and info. Larger companies will have different Contacts.

    The Technical aspect of Domain Administration is highly technical. This is where I come in. There are several components to it and one (me!) needs to know how to create DNS Records.

    DNS stands for Domain Name System. The settings determine how your website is "found" by your web browser, and where your email server sends and receives email.

    Every time you go to a website, the first thing a web browser fetches is the IP (Internet Protocol) number of your server from the A Record.

    Here's an example. The actual domain has been redacted for privacy as has the email server.

    DNS Records
  3. Use Proton email for your all 4 Domain Administration Contact types. This keeps it completely independent of the domain emails that you administrate. Let me state the not so obvious: if you allow a domain to expire and the Registrant and Administrative Contacts email is that expired domain, then how are you going to confirm your renewal or 2FA (2 Factor Authentication)??? Answer: you can't and then you will enter Customer Service Inifinity Loop of Hell.

My Most Important Pro Tip: Passwords

  1. Use Password Repository to store your passwords.
  2. Never use the same password for different accounts.
  3. Never login to your website and bank in the same browser at the same time. Why? Cookies can grab bits of data from your browser history and other cookies. You'll get pwned or hacked.
  4. Use INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH passwords! Store them in the Password Repository. Don't use your name, kid's name, dog's name, DOB year, last name, first name of anyone (Presidents included), nothing related to your occupation, favorite color, favorite movie, favorite movie character, anything public, anything private, anything nearby such as city, city of birth, anything far away such as Horsehead Nebula, nor any other Astronomical classification such as M42 or Messier 42 (Horsehead Nebula).
  5. Make it strong, such as snifhY-83^swUL! which I just typed. Longer is better. You can make up your own mnemonic which I sometimes do for important passwords I never want to forget in case I'm on my phone and need to login. Example: J3xr2Cmat-H0! which can be Jerry 3 times refused 2 Call me at-H0me!

1. Front End Website Development

'Fred', as I like to call it, entails tailoring MODX to reflect your identity on the web.

"–So what? Why would a platform I've never heard of be a good presence for my business?"

I'll let MODX explain: "Build your vision without compromise. Leave behind endless compromises of legacy CMS. Rapidly develop any digital experience and power it with a tailor-made content management system."

It's modular in other words. What that means is that it's extremely flexible, limited only by your imagination. Your website should be all about you and nobody else.

2. eCommerce Implementation

I strongly recommend Foxy for all your eCommerce needs for it's extreme flexibility. Foxy's built-in intelligence meets all your business needs from sophisticated marketing strategies to custom data connections for accounting and brand experience. Foxy plays well with others!

My hand-coded HTML is clean and easy to read. My styling aligns with your brand's visual identity, UX, and fits in almost every platform known to mankind.