Lyrics remain my first love.

My original bass lines: School of Creatives on SoundCloud.

My first song of 2000.


You've got to get in touch with your inner self before it's too late
There's a message that's trying to get through
so get in touch before you separate

    Fiction from the fact
    movie from the script
    war from the bombs
    Mind from the body

Oh your thoughts are so corrupting you
You think everything you believe is true

Oh your thoughts are so conceiting you
You believe everything you think is true

Oh, your denial is real piece of art
But I find it's junk
who would've thunk
you're ignoring cries from
        deep, deep, deep
        deep, deep, deep
        deep, deep, deep

Where it's all black and wet
broken out in sweat
Just wanting a moment to pull you to its mouth
stick it in your ear
in hopes you will hear
    Love is the only way
    You'll get out alive today.

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