Marketing and Copywriting

My strategies connect with people authentically, and brand appropriately.

A: Strategy

Q: What's old school, not taught in B-school, yet every successful start-up still around owes its success to?

Copywriting form follows the strategy function, so it pays to have a good idea of what the objective is in order to achieve the desired result.

Words to live by:
"Your effort sets your floor. Your strategy sets your ceiling."
~James Clear.

Oh, Word!

Words came first, and they gloriously connected with the target audience in memorable ways.

A well thought out strategy makes copywriting and design fun, productive and gets the results you want.

Words to live by:
"Your current habits are perfectly designed to deliver your current results."
~James Clear.


3 Seconds to Connect

Last but not least, the visual execution of the strategy has 3 seconds to connect with your target market.

9 highly successful examples of my visual execution of strategies.

  1. Patagonia Wholesale Order Catalog - for US and Euro Retailers
  2. President Ford's Vail Symposium Invitation
  3. "To The Point" Newsletter for Cactus and Succulent Society of America
  4. Brochure for Sierra Mountain Guides, resulted in 2 consecutive years of international record bookings
  5. Wild Oats Annual Report: All photoshoots, concepts, content, financial pages. Won Investors Relations "Best Annual Report"
  6. 1 of 8 Group Publishing catalogs that I created over a 6 month span
  7. Wild Oats Grand Opening brochures when they were opening 1 store every 2 weeks
  8. Patagonia Denver DIA Brochure, concept and production
  9. NCAR Climatology Tradeshow display