MODX: Creative Freedom To Build Your Vision

MODX: Creative Freedom To Build Your Vision

Connect All of Your Human, Physical, and Digital Resources

Websites tend to reach the end of their usefulness within 6 months or less when developed on cookie cutter CMSs such as:

  • WordPress: a semi-truck containing explosives, food, water, and a bundle of snacks barreling down a mountain pass without brakes.
  • Joomla: Swahili for ‘what does it even mean?’
  • Wix: A closet that Marie Kondo can't organize.
  • SquareSpace: Won't ever morph into sacred geometric shapes.

What each of them lack is a way to connect all of your organization's human, physical, and digital resources into one powerful, superfast, future-proof system.


Due to its unique, built-in intelligence MODX makes managing all your resources easy and effective, enabling your organization to focus on achieving its objectives.


Organizational Intelligence Model is a derivative of Pros and Cons (objective) with Hopes and Fears (subjective) that gives amazing insight and clarity to big, consequential decisions for the entire team.

Interested? Contact Peter B. to arrange for a demo so I can walk you through how it works. It's an amazing team builder!

Future Proof Your Organization

Future Proof Your Organization

Web development agencies are so focused on E-commerce that other organizational needs go unmet, or worse are put on platforms that cost too much and do too little.

I create future-proof systems to meet the challenges unique to your business. Hence the MODX mantra, “creative freedom to build your vision”.