MODX Web Development

I love MODX because it totally engages my analytical problem-solving gifts.

There's always at least 3 ways to display content in the most dynamic or straight forward way. Wordpress sites bore me because it's all cookie-cutter, grotesquely obese javascriptand an endless search for plugins to do whatever you want to do. Fact of the matter is that I can do in 10 minutes what takes someone in WordPress an hour.

Besides being one of the top three fastest loading website platforms, the MODXcloud Hosting is even faster. I was an early adopter of the MODXcloud after dealing with hosting providers that oversell their server capacity. Like college professors pretending their class is the only one you're taking, hosting providers pretend your website is the only one its serving up to the world.

Modern website platforms are comprised of these 5 ingredients:


  1. HTML - contains various code elements. Construction analog: Framework be wood, concrete or steel.
  2. CSS - Cascading Style Sheet that controls the way a website displays. Construction analog: All decorative/style elements such as covering, windows, glass, et cetera.
  3. Interior:

  4. Database - where all of your website data is stored. Construction analog: Functional wiring, plumbing, HVAC
  5. PHP - a coding language that interacts with the database and the HTML. Construction analog: Control Panel for electric, water, and HVAC
  6. JavaScript - another coding language that interacts with the HTML. Construction analog: Situational: changes how the electric, water, and HVAC responds.

Content Management Systems (CMS) mixes these five ingredients to create website functionality. Since form follows function you need to figure out what functionality you need before you decide on the CMS that's best suited for that purpose.

In the Construction analog, do you need a cottage? A 4 bedroom Ranch style with a large backyard to throw parties and make new friends? A brick and mortar retail baking company in a renovated neighborhood north of downtown? Or do you plan to start out in your Mom and Dad's garage and expand into whatever you can find? What if your feel confident that you're going to grow big and occupy a few floors in a highrise?

Whatever your needs, MODX is the answer.

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