Old School HTML

Old school HTML: what Search Engines love most.

Old school HTML is what Search Engines love most. MODX creates old school HTML, meaning that it creates HTML without the use of Javascript and its performance drag. MODX is a sleek fighter jet, whereas WordPress is a semi-truck with wings.

WordPress requires Plugins for almost everything, particularly Search Engine functionality that is pre-built into the MODX framework.

For the past year, Google has ranked websites based on how fast they load, especially if one is using any Google products such as AdSense. The reasoning:  Google estimates it loses $1 billion/year on slow-loading websites.

If you want to know how fast your website is, or what's slowing it down, use PageSpeed. It produces a detailed report of how browsers load your website and what makes them slow. Developers rely on it to figure out their own best practices. For me it's meant cutting down on image size without sacrificing image quality by using the webp format.

Old School Search Engine Love

These HTML elements need to be congruent and consistent in order to rank high and relevant in search engines.

  1. URL
  2. Title
  3. Description
  4. Keywords
  5. Headers
  6. Content

There must be at least ONE word that matches in those elements in order to rank high with search engines. Let's check out this page to see how I did.

<!-- SEO Meta Tags -->
<title>Peter B Creates Old School HTML</title>
<meta name="description" content="Old school HTML is what Search Engines love most. MODX is a sleek fighter jet, whereas WordPress is a semi-truck with wings.">
<meta name="keywords" content="HTML,URL,Title,Description,Keywords,Headers,Content">

If it's relevant to this page's Seach Engine features, I boldened it.

WordPress Comparison Critique

My experience with WordPress mirrors Rocket City Digital's experience. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Everyone likes to believe that it won't happen to them, and I sure do hope it doesn't. Following best practices for passwords can not only prevent your website from being hacked, it can stop hacks from travelling upstream to your bank account.

IF MODX is a Stealth Jet,
    THEN Wordpress is a crop duster.

IF MODX is a Drag Racer,
    THEN Wordpress is a Semi Truck with wings.

IF MODX is a Rimac Nevera C Two
    THEN Wordpress is a Ford Model T.
    (That's the biggest compliment I can give it since that car was built with hemp panels which are stronger and much lighter than steel.)

IF MODX is a Burj Khalifa
    THEN Wordpress is a warehouse.

That said, there are a lot, I mean LOTS, of WordPress legacy websites that are spectacular and I've worked and actively seek out work with those large companies. They have savvy back-end developers with large budgets and are much smarter than me.

The small businesses with big expectations usually wind up with 20 too many plugins with security issues and best practice issues they know nothing about.

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