Organizational Intelligence Model

Organizational Intelligence Model

Actionable Team Building at its finest.

My proprietary Organizational Intelligence Model is a derivative of Pros and Cons (objective) with Hopes and Fears (subjective) that gives amazing insight and clarity to big, consequential decisions for the entire team.

I developed the model via MBA-level Marketing classes, LA's Book Shop, and a modified Pros and Cons matrix that gets to the heart of your organization's cultural, market, and political environments.

I use that model to refine how your public-facing resources (website) interacts with your internal resources to create Objectives, Targets, Strategies and Execution.

It facilitates team building and evolves your organizational culture and operations. I've used it translate clients objectives into the back-end of MODX to create custom Operational Management Frameworks.

This streamlines your organization's operations, freeing it up to do what it does best wihout limitations. I'm always excited about this phase of my relationships because it creates a positive actionable impression that moves everyone forward.

And it's fun!


Human Intelligence is a powerful antidote to artificial intelligence as created by database marketing. For this reason I don't put my proprietary model online.

Human-Centered Intelligence

Human-Centered Intelligence