Portfolio of Marketing Intelligence

Here are some of the results I've engineered. Each of these succeeded for widely different reasons.

Pardon the "dirty" look of my portfolio. These are photos from 20+ years of actual printed pieces. Print is not dead and never will be. Why: people still respond to the look and feel of paper.

  1. Patagonia Wholesale Order Catalog - for US and Euro Retailers
  2. President Ford's Vail Symposium Invitation
  3. "To The Point" Newsletter for Cactus and Succulent Society of America
  4. Brochure for Sierra Mountain Guides, resulted in 2 consecutive years of international record bookings
  5. Wild Oats Annual Report: All photoshoots, concepts, content, financial pages. Won Investors Relations "Best Annual Report"
  6. 1 of 8 Group Publishing catalogs that I created over a 6 month span
  7. Wild Oats Grand Opening brochures when they were opening 1 store every 2 weeks
  8. Patagonia Denver DIA Brochure, concept and production
  9. NCAR Climatology Tradeshow display

Here are some details that demonstrate the marketing intelligence that I apply to all of my work.

10 percent direct mail response rate

Copywriter Scott Fincher and I created this in less than a day. It got an unheard of 10% response rate. I was non-plussed until Scott told me that 3% would be wowza! Our Marketing peers awarded us for our collaboration.

Why this worked: people want value. Free means nothing given, so nothing might be the return. But a BIG penny conveys value.

My first time illustrating - did it with an ancient Wacom tablet

HealthSmart Vitamins needed an illustrator. Since I had never done anything more than doodle since 7th grade, I was chosen to illustrate the cover and guts of these 8 brochures.

Why it was successful: it gave a personal, human touch to supplements.

Award-winning price box that was copied by many competitors

This award-winning price box that was copied by many competitors, and then by other internal brands because it increased sales.

Why it worked: people know what they want and they want to know how much it costs right away. I simply made the price box ├╝ber-legible.

Straight lines were key to creating the illusion of weaves.

Tribal Fiber's logo was tougher than it looks. The key was creating just enough space between the sheared rectangles to create the weave illusion.

The weave illusion looks really cool in person. If you take a ruler to it you'll see that the angeled lines are straight and perfectly aligned. (My grandfather was a tool and die maker).

Have you actually read the financial pages of an annual report?

Have you actually read the financial pages of an annual report? Legibility is an afterthought for all of the ones I researched. Ow! Creative Director Lisa Busch and I decided to make the pages look edible, somewhat like taffy, as if to say "chew on these numbers!" Yummy!

Why it worked: people chewed on the numbers.

The 1997 Wild Oats Annual Report won Investor Relations Best Annual Report

The 1997 Wild Oats Annual Report won Investor Relations Best Annual Report. 400 hours in 4 weeks, bottomless coffee and tea.

Creative Director Lisa Busch came up with the "coming of age" look. It was their first annual report ever, so Lisa and I pulled out of the stops. Whatever you see in this report Lisa and I created it.

Wild Oats Annual Report Cover

Creative Director Lisa Busch created the chalk art, I added in the kid with the loyalty card. This came together at 3am, just 2 days before it went to print. I taped it to all of the stakeholders doors with a note: "THIS is the cover!" They agreed.