I spend a few hours each day devoted to writing screenplays.

“Liquidated” (WGA# 1823242) Second draft of “Liquidated” makes the screenplay a lot easier to understand the complex timelines. “Liquidated” details the catastrophic impacts on 11 western states when massive, late-season snows cause massive landslides that dam the Colorado River. Think March-May 2019 and multiply by 10. A scary, fun disaster flick.

"Silent Radio" (WGA# 1934706) A deeply misogynist news organization creates the world's first television news station staffed by 'disabled' people who show that they are uniquely enabled, and hilarious.

“Full Tilt Boogie” (WGA# 1890608) Conceived as an animated feature, a teenage empath, who is able to unlock people's natural ability to heal themselves, discovers his gifts in a roundabout way and in the process he learns truths about his long-deceased father.