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Foxy is flexible, making it suitable for all business applications and store configurations. Read what makes Foxy superior to all other E-commerce solutions. Foxy makes life easier.

If you're new to shopping carts, or if you have questions about how it all works, read this primer and bookmark it so you can compare it to other options.


Plays extremely well with others.

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Business Intelligence for Beekeepers

Here's an example of why I strongly recommend that you use Foxy.io. In a word: flexibility. Flexibility lends itself to solving complex issues.

“You saved me from a clusterf#cking mess.”

Tim Brod
Highland Bees

Highland Honey Bees' owner Tim Brod needed his customers to take care of last-minute contingencies themselves so he can focus on the bees. Customers have just one shot at picking up their bees. When you’re driving an open flatbed truck full of bees over a thousand miles through the West without rest, one simply cannot take phone calls to deal with other peoples issues.

The solution: a custom checkout page just for nucs so that customers know that Tim absolutely will deliver in May the nucs they ordered in January, and any pick-up contingencies is on them.
 Tim can use any website platform he chooses but it’s the shopping cart that makes order fulfillment for all of his products so much easier!

Foxy's flexible built-in intelligence allowed me to create a custom checkout page just for customers ordering nucs.

You can use Foxy yourself, and if you need some help, contact me!

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